Basement Water Proofings llc

Basement Water Proofings llc

Waterproofing, finishing, and repair services for basements and crawlspaces

Do you Have a you a damp, leaking basement?

We provide several affordable basement waterproofing solutions that are tailored to your house.


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Basement Waterproofing, Basement Repair, and Air Quality Solutions are all included in comprehensive house structural services that are tailored to your needs and financial constraints.

We help in providing: options for comprehensive waterproofing Structural Technicians with Certification No-cost estimates

Regain control of your basement and make the most of that useful space.

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Let us help you with  Basement Waterproofing, Finishing, and Repair Services

Even little cracks and leaks can cause structural damage and moisture troubles in homes with basement foundations. Problems typically get worse the longer you delay to solve them.

The following are typical areas of concern when it comes to moisture problems in homes with basement foundations:


Water leakage between cracks in the footer and the concrete basement floor

Basement floor cracks that allow water to seep in

Basement wall mortar seams with cracks or pressure points where water can flow in

Windows or sweating walls that collect water and let it into the basement

walls that are crooked or slanted, making the basement vulnerable to water infiltration

Hidden underground water that could undermine the foundation

basement wall cracks that grow worse over time as the clay soils supporting the foundation expand and contract


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